Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My other obsession... KPOP music

I've always wanted to write about this particular obsession of mine but I was a bit wary about what others might say. I feel a bit daring today so here goes...

Why am I worried that people might find out my secret obsession?
Well firstly, I am not THAT young, but I'm young at heart. I am not the typical age group that would listen to Kpop musics. Generally, people would associate Kpop musics with crazy screaming teenagers with severe emotional attachments to one Kpop group or perhaps several, depending on their teenage mood swings. That's the general view, that is. I think music is universal. It is limitless and timeless. It transverse across culture, language and of course age. Well, that's what I believe and you might think differently.

Secondly, in Malaysia particularly, Kpop music/artists had gained unfair notoriety as moral destruction due to the infamous incident involving a scarf-clad lady. That one moment had marred Kpop fan's name, in general, forever. 

Why do I like Kpop?
 Well, its pop music hence its catchy even when I don't understand a single word they are singing, at first. But now, I can understand some of it. Hence, it's a bonus as I'm acquiring new language skill.

I love to watch their complex and unique dance choreography. I love dancing. But I only do it at home as I have two left feet. Zero hand and feet coordination! Only hubby can see my weird dancing abilities :-)

Last but not least, all of them are so handsome and pretty. I would love to be one of the perfect looking girls. As for the boys, they are just as eye candy as no one can be more perfect for me than hubby (wink!). They are living proof that success will come if you work hard even when you are not gifted/blessed with talents or looks. Some do had help from plastic surgeries but they are talented in their own way. Some can dance, sing or simply just being silly.

How much do I like Kpop?
I've went to countless Kpop concerts, both in Malaysia and overseas, and yes, I agree there were lots of screaming and crying involved. I did screamed but did not cry, mind you. You'd be lying if you didn't at least nod along to the song or screamed a little bit in a concert. It is one way of showing appreciation to the artist and their music. No one wants to go to a silent concert, don't they? 
If you've seen me listening to my iPod while working out, 99% it would be Kpop songs. If you seen me singing in my car, 98% it'd be a Kpop song. My ringtone is a snippet from a Kpop song. My twitter account is dedicated solely for Kpop fans. I've been there, waiting for the latest music video (MV) to be officially released and watched it over and over. The only music CD I bought were Kpop artists'. Well no one buy music CD anymore as you can buy any songs on iTune. But as a Kpop fan, you must have the physical copy of the album because the album is so unique which has to be part of the collection. Only a true Kpop music fan would understand what I was rambling above.

But, I'm so lucky, I have a very understanding husband that tolerated my obsession with Kpop music. He even went to concerts with me and surprised me with the latest Kpop albums that he bought. The albums are not cheap and sometimes you need to pre-order it weeks before its being released.  

So, there you go, the cat is finally out of the bag and I'm open to be judged by those who has strong opinion against Kpop music and Korean in general. I might lose some friends over this or their opinion will change about me. But who cares.. let's live freely! Love don't hate...


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  1. That's awesome! Music is universal regardless of the genre. Moreover, you have such a supportive and understanding husband. Do what your heart loves. This may be strange but its a reversal of your situation. Would you believe if I told you that my music fascination is from the 1930's to 1960's and yes, I'm not that old either :p